Genesen Acutouch

Meridian Therapy
Magic without needles!

What can be treated?

Extremely effective in Pain Control and Sports injuries

Beneficial in almost every ailment or condition: disorders of the ear, nose and throat, the respiratory system, the cardio-vascular system. Musculo-skeletal, neurological , metabolic and skin disorders.

What is Genesen Acutouch Therapy?

The system’s concept is rooted in Eastern medical philosophy and practice, and promotes the body’s inherent ability to regulate and heal itself. To achieve this, the system employs the most advanced technologies available to channel natural energy, or Chi, into the body at selected points using twin Touch Pointers.
The inventor Dr Chi Kyung Kim achieved this through the design, development and combination of several key elements which together comprise Genesen’s patented Hexacromanion system. It focuses and channels natural energy, Far Infrared rays, Anions and Magnetism to rebalance and replenish energy flows and prevent onset of disease.
Combined effect:
Endorphine release

How does it work?

By applying the Touch Pointers directly to meridian points it focuses a stream of natural vibrations to facilitate healing and speed of recovery. When a problem is located, a distinct sensation will be felt within 15 to 60 seconds, which will fade as the treatment takes effect.

Is Genesen Safe?

Yes. Genesen Acutouch is a non-invasive Meridian Therapy that uses entirely natural energy. 
There are no side effects and you cannot overdose or harm yourself in any way.


You may book 1 hour or half hour treatments.
Special rates for block bookings available. 6 treatments payable in advance.