Sea Essences

Relationship Rescue
Bring harmony into your work and/or personal relationships
The sea essences are specifically focused on transformation of the energy fields between people, and also in their relationships.
They are entirely helpful as they will not act unless they are for the greater good of the person using the essence.

We will make up a mixture of your choice especially for you !
(maximum 13 essences per mixture )
You may wish to include any of the Butterfly Essences from group 3 to bring harmony into relationships.

How to use: spray into the aura/subtle energy fields daily, or as required.
For external use only.

How they work: essentially sea essences work in three ways
The effects of these essences may help us with some of the most basic and common issues within human relationships.
There is an important link between sea essences and colour.

Set 1

1 Australian Sea Horse – Bluish Turquoise
An enhancer of the relationship that humans have with horses and other animals, so they may be treated with love, awareness and respect.
A potential power balancer.
May bring balance to dominant or subservient relationships.

2 Barrel Sponge – Turquoise Blue / Indigo
A protective essence. May reduce the action of negative thoughts between people. Clarity in thinking.

3 Gossamer Parasol – Mid Turquoise
Enhances heart to heart communication.

4 Nautilus – Aquamarine
Enhancement of auditory communication with Angels.

5 Sea Cucumber – White Pink
Helps with close relationships that are blocked by past hurts or misundertandings. May aid communication of that which we have found difficult to express.

6 Sea Dandelion – Bluish Indigo
For mental relaxation, relief of anxiety and tension. Stimulating compassion in relationships.

7 Sea Fan – Coral
May relieve intense anger, resentment or frustration when we feel like exploding at others, giving access to calm and peace, bringing wisdom at critical moments.

8 Sea Pen – Mid Pink
Encourages gratitude and appreciation. Could be called the “Essence of Thankfulness”

9 Sea Tulip – Bluish Turquoise
Can soothe bitter and potentially poisonous relations with people stemming from conflict or past difficulties. Perhaps by cleansing the emotions, making one more positive, loving, and attentive to others.

10 Spiney Lobster – Mid Olive Green
Overcomes fear of others. Enhances courage, making friendship with adversaries possible.

11 Common Tropical Octopus – Orangey Gold
This essence may increase resourcefulness and motivation to get things done. An excellent work essence.

12 Horsehoe Crab – Deep Bluish Pink
For defusing hositlity or antagonism in group situations. To help us remove our prejudices. A social essence.

13 Harlequin Shrimp – Lemon yellow
Promotes humour, lightness, flexible thought and objectivity. Balancing for the emotions where there is an obsessiveness.

14 Cassiopea Andromeda (Jelly fish) – Mid Blue
For a complete ‘let go’ when we need it. De-stressing and total relaxation, dissolves ego.

To order any of the above 10ml  individual essences please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.
Please contact us for a quote for your personal 20ml spray mixture.

Stress Buster Mixture:
Sea Essences
19 Dawson Sunfish yellow gold
14 Jelly fish mid blue
Butterfly Essences
1 Xifa Vissislion  deep purple/magenta
18 Nori Ristillion blue

Set 11

15 Dolphin – Aquamarine
An attunement energy to a particular Doplhin, this is a feminine energy helping to bring qualities of playfullness and integrity. An important feminine energy which can blend and integrate many sea energies with other essences.

16 Pilot Whale – Deep Blue
An attunement energy to a particular Pilot Whale, this is a masculine compliment to the Dolphin Essence. It can bring qualities of strength and wisdom rooted in the past. Helps by giving guidance to our inner tuition offering us focus and clarity.

17 Vampire Squid – Deep Olive Green
A potentially deep acting essence for alleviating deep fears and scars from pain and trauma. Can help to strenghten us emotionally, giving us confidence, whilst protecting our vulnerable emotions so we can explore close relationships without fear.

18 Common Sea Urchin – Warm Olive Green
Protection from fears and negative emotions. An excellent tool for any traveller who may be entering new or unfamiliar places.

19 Dawson Sunfish – Yellow gold
A possible relaxing and revitalising essence which helps bring warmth, colour and sunshine into our life. It can help to stimulate creativity in music, art and colour.

20 Spiny Scallop – Purple
An essence helping to bring clarity and lucidity to the mind and eyesight. Helping to clear confusion and bringing light and clarity to any issue. In so doing it can help us to solve many problems and issues with clear focus and intent.

21 Giant Sea Spider – Reddish Orange
May help us face difficult people who usually dominate and make us feel intimidated. This may then enhance our self esteem so we can face oppressive people and difficulties head on.

22 Sea Lily – Lilac
This is a very beautiful essence which could open our awareness to the true beauty and flowing rhythm of life. An uplifting essence.

23 Crown of Thorns Starfish – Violet
By helping with deep levels of pain held in our Being, which may be difficult to acknowledge or overcome. Karmic absolution. Helping to let go.

24 Common Cuttlelfish – Turquoise
An essence to enhance relationships, helping us to attune and go much deeper and overcome ‘blocks’ that are preventing closeness.

25 Giant Clam – Bright Lime Green
Harmonising of eating and drinking. It is an antidote to greed in eating an drinking.

26 Blue Sea Squirt – Deep Blue
A very calming and restoring quality, for anyone who has suffered from intense situations. Allieviates shock/trauma and starting again.

27 Flame Scallop – Orangery red
Enhances circulation, harmonises energy flow. It may help relieve discomfort and tension. It will be very good for dancers, actores, ‘Tai Chi’ and ‘Yoga’ students, and anyone whose life involves physical movement and flow.

28 Sea Apple – Pale Turquoise
A ‘Networking’ essence which helps us to connect with all levels of life and energy with a clear mental focus.

Set 111
29 Leafy Sea Dragon – Deep Pinkish Violet
An essence for the ‘New Millennium’. A liberator as it clears away patterns of rigidity and manipulation. Signifies individuality, and the freedom and courage to be ourselves.

30 Weedy Sea Dragon – Orange
An empowerment essence, giving us strength to be ourselves in all situations that we find ourselves in. 

31 Paua Shell – Royal Blue
Potentially enhancing our connection to the physical world, where it may improve work abilities. Activating our senses to ‘COLOUR in the physical world’  as well as the colour energies at the higher light frequencies. For those that love to work with colour.

32 Snakelocks Anemone – Mid Pinkish Coral
May allow harmony into social activites. Can allow us to make the necessary compromises in social situations, while retaining the positive aspects of ego.

33 Arafura File Snake – Deep Indigo
Possibly enhancing responsiveness. Helps to co-ordinate our actions in a better way when dealing with many complex or challenging factors. Helps us to operate fully in the present moment.

34 Viperfish – Warm Olive Green
Can alleviate terrible fears, horrors and dread. May clear the scars of trauma, bringing relief and balance.

35 Blackbelly Dragonfish – Pale Gold
Helps to create inspiration and leadership with others. Can bring strong motivational energy to face our ‘demons’ and ‘shine our light in the world’. We may gain deeper insights into difficult or challenging issues.

36 Gulper Eel –  Pale Royal Blue
Can help restore a sense of spiritual well-being after abuse or trauma. For those who have been badly affected by abuse.

37 Grenadier – Pale Olive-Greenish Gold
Overcoming obstacles and problems. It brings a flood of light  and positivity into our consciousness and this dissolves many difficulties and problems.

38 Stick Polyps – Warm Olive
Restores trust and communication after abuse. Trust is very difficult to restore after abuse. Real peace, trust and centeredness are the gifts of this essence.

39 Flatworm – Mid Pinkish Gold
Can help restore close relationships after emotional traumas. Helps us to overcome shock, distress and anger. Helps to maintain strength and stability through all types of crisis.

40 Head Shield Nudibranch – Pale Lemon
Will be helpful in business negotiations. Improves ‘success in resolving issues’. Helps us to find a balance between two differing viewpoints.

41 Lister’s Conch – Pale Violet – Angelic communication. 
Like a ‘tuning fork’ this essence awakens us to the reality of Angels and the vital part they play in enlightening and guiding our lives.

42 Marbled Chiton – Pale Indigo
Divine mind connection. An essence for the ‘expansion of consciousness’.