Butterfly Essences

Group 1

Group one are a very fine and ‘focused’ tool for deep processes of consciousness and evolution, having a range of effects:
bringing Divine consciousness into our daily life.
improving meditation
bringing peace and deep bliss
enhancing our path to enlightenment
enhancing our soul journey

57 Mio Pea  Deep Purple/Magenta
After trauma, restoring deep peace and spiritual heailing.

58 Wio Lio  Red
May help to facilitate major life changes.

59 Peo Tio  Orange
An elixir of eternal youthfulness.  An experience of Angelic Joy and vitality.

60 Via Sio  Gold
By bringing an infinite expansion of the Soul Body into the OM resonance, we may attain deep harmony with divine wisdom.

61 Mea Kio  Coral
For a blissful appreciation of male/female beauty with inner balance.

62 Hea Hio  Rose Pink
A blissful attunment to Angelic/Divine Love.

63 Wio Rea  Pink
Divine Love and Caring, with true caring and compassion for others.

64 Gio Kia  Pale Pink
Bringing Soul restoration and alignment with un-conditional love. Divine/Angelic love attunment.

65 Fia Dio  Yellow
Bringing an inner radiance like the Sun, which is the ‘root of happiness’.

66 Deo Ria  Pale Yellow
Enabling us to focus and providing inner clarity along with inner sight thereby stimulating joyfulnes.

67 Jio Hea  Lemon yellow
May well create Divine Humour, laughter with the Angels, objectivity in relationships. For clearer sight and the ability to see the light within all things.

68 Lua Kou  Olive Green
An apparent Divine Compassion, bringing Divine clearing from hurts, pain and fear.

68 Vio Tea  Green
A blissful essense to unite our consicousness and Spirit with all Beings in harmony and caring.

79 Lia Deo  Pale Green
Helping to create an inter-dimensional integration, bringing an inner freedom to move between dimensions of Light with ease and joy. Nurture the inner child.

71 Nio Kia  Emerald Green
Heart attunment with Angels. An essence to help access our inner Angelic presence and love for all ‘affairs of the heart’. A balance between Being and Doing.

72 Mia Goa  Turquoise
Reconnection with Divine Creativity, and receptiveness to creative inspiration.

73 Eao Ora  Pale Turquoise
Inter-dimensional communication, for accessing positive technology and innovation.

74 Kio Koa  Blue
Deep relaxation and peace on all levels, responsiveness to our authentic selves.

75 Lia Mio  Pale Blue
An alignment with divine Will, possibly bringing about a complete trust in the Source, peace. An essence to help resolve all levels of conflict and disharmony.

76 Ria Sea  Royal Blue
By offering calm and inner strength, may bring about Spiritual Healing, confidence and relaxation.

77 Lio Meo  Indigo
May help in opening the ‘third eye’. A key essence for the mind.

78 Lia Dio  Violet
Divine Breath and Spirit connection, clearing disharmonies and improving spiritual well-being.

79 Quo Dia  Pale Violet
An Angelic Bliss, helping to create subtle meditation energy.

80 Kia Kei  Purple
Inner transformation, enhanced eyesight.

81 Mia Kio  Lilac
Attuning our vibration to the incredible beauty around us.

82 Kio Nia  Magenta
One-ness with Om, Divine attunement. An essence with a connection to the heartbeat of the Source.

83 Sio Soa  Silver
Illumination and purification.

84 Rainbow Angel Butterflies
May give a sense of liberation, celebration, joy and fulfilment. A fabulous spiritual elixiroffering a Rainbow of light. A very special essence for very special times!

Group Two

They hold great potential to aid us emotionally to overcome difficult states of our nature. Old habits of mind whcih hold us back may be transformed into positive new impulses of real growth and beauty.
Having a range of effects:
clarifying thinking
improving the way we handle others and situations
improving creativity
bring new harmonious motivations to our life
transforming our habits, actions and way of life
improving meditation

29 Sinninia Rommala  Pale Golden Yellow
Alleviation of frustration.

30 Sissinka Soseino  Silver
Could bring discernment, clear focus and flexibility to our thinking.

31 TiyanRiyalla  Lilac
Has the potential to bring deep caring in relationships through focused perception.

32 Mikia Kilhima  Pale Turquoise
A possible attunment of the mind to our soul quality. Tunes us into the higher communicaion network around the planet. An excellent tool or those who work with sacred resonance with techniques such as chanting, mantras, sacred danceand playing musical instruments.

33 Rialiki Ninila  Blue
For new beginnings, empowering the consciousness to see and realise many newposibilities in our lives. This is the ‘I believe I can fly” esssence.

34 Tikia Solaria  Deep Indigo
May initiate completely new ways of thinking. An important tool in group excercises when new ways need to be found to deal with certain issues.

35 Winia Ririaka  Deep Coral
A possible physical and social harmonisation. For greater mental harmony and love in our day to day lives improving our work, family life, friendships etc.

36 Sinhema Takia  Rose Pink
Can bring female dignity and beauty in femininity. A highly supportive energy of the feminine.

37 Isiaki Rillika  Warm Olive
Empathy with wisdom. Enhances counselling skills to know what is appropriate and what is not.

38 Rillenka Mamakia  Pale Indigo
It brings great light to our thinking. Greater consciousness in perception of the Universe.

39 Sinnolia Vinmala  Pink
Can help us to deal with relationships in a better, clearer and more effective way.

40 Sisia Kikala  Deep Blue Violet
Can open a doorway to the inner worlds. For meditation and finding answers within.

41 Vivia Lasaya  Deep Yellow Gold
Suggesting ‘sunshine of the mind’. Happiness and joy.

42 Ristiya Tashisi  Deep Royal Blue
To help us gain greater clarity and focus bringing improved drive and stamina.

43 Sasia Shalanka  Pale Orangey Red
Transforming negative patterns from the past into positive ones, and overcoming bad habits and creating good ones.

44 Xifia Kirrana  Deep Mid Blue
A confidence booster for the shy or insecure person, giving them greater powerto express themselves. Great for those who speak in public.

45 Wiaka Sossinka  Golden Coral
This may help all types of group activity and co-operation with other people.

Group 3

Group 3 are light frequencies that affect our creative energies and our feelings. They impact on our relationships as they can affect our emotions, so they deal with our ‘interactivity with others’ in particular. 
Having a range of effects:
increasing enjoyment of life
enhancing creativity in may ways
antidepressant and uplifting
problem solving
helping us to achieve certain goals in our life

1 Xifa Vissislion Deep Purple/Magenta
Instant support when a sudden need arises. Detraumatising, calming and centering.

2 Rono Simaron  Red
It promotes deep sleep and relaxation, easing tension, stress or feelings of discomfort with our environment.We connect better with everyone with everyone with this essence, as it stimulates the heart chakra.

3 Nola Marilion  Orange
A refreshing, revitalising energy for restoring a dynamic sense of direction and fun. This is a real ‘party’essence. Use this as an instant ‘pick me up’ as well as on a long term basis.

4 Simi Parillion  Gold
May help us move into ‘abundance consciousness’, knowing that all our needs will be met when we open to the gifts of life. Freeing up the energy flow to bring abundance.

5 Kana Yinarron  Coral
Sensuality, enhances lovemaking. A great booster to well-being which brings pleasure in a very natural way.

6 Suma Mimarilion  Yellow
Warmth, happiness, friendship, antidepressant. This essence is pure ‘sunshine’, bringing joy, balanced emotions and social harmony.

7 Kimi Pinirion  Pale Yellow
It brings real inspiration from the angels to any work we do that is very creative e.g dance. Many artists will appreciate this essence. True joy vibrates with this colour frequency, so it is intensely uplifting, and deep appreciation with gratitude is enhanced.

8 Timi Mokarion  Rose Pink
A strong female energy – can attune us to caring and cherishing. Perhaps sexuality and sensuality are enhanced. Good for both men and women.

9 Kaya Ninilion  Pink
A Universal Love energy which may promote balance and harmony in relationship. It brings better relations between children/ teenagers and adults as unconditional love is enhanced.

10 Tema Visiron  Pale Pink
Unconditional love and auric cleansing. Aligns us with the love of the ‘Divine Mother’.

11 Solo Tisillion  Lemon
Emotionally uplifting which enhances positivity, optimism and well-being. Dissolves ‘greyness’ and other negativity. Stimulating a feeling of wanting ‘to dance in the sunbeams’ Good when used for past life healing and regression.

12 Wima Pilliron  Olive
Empathy, femine leadership, compassion and solidarity with others is enhanced. An essence to help bring equality. Dissolves fears and negative emotions. It can alleviate grief, clearing away difficulties and sadness, opening us to new possibilites in our life.

13 Yisa Summaron  Green
‘Integration ‘ is the keyword of this essence. Clarity, space and direction of our path. Offers clear direction and decision making ability. Supporting a more heart centered approach to life – this will improve relationships and help well-being. Plants grow stronger and faster when given this essence in their water.

14 Sola Vikerlion  Pale Green
Laughter, fun, lightness, playfulness and a carefree mental state are the gifts of this essence. Supports our ‘inner child’. Authors and storytellers will love this essence. It opens our sensitivity up to the ‘little people’ and the nature kingdoms.

15 Wira Tentaron  Emerald Green
Courage, inner strenth and calmness. Excellent for anyone working with their ‘Chi energy’ in practices such as ‘Tai Chi’, ‘Yoga’ and dance. Valuable in times of crisis or challenge. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

16 Tira Winirion  Turquoise
Enhanced musical creativity & speech. Improving communication from the heart. Actors, musicians,dancers and speakers will love this essence. Also for those who have learning and communication difficulties like ‘autistic people.’ It holds the resonance links to many dolphins, whales and sea creatures, so it will help to tune into them.

17 Mala Linilion  Pale Turquoise
Keywords: higher communication , crystals. Supports new age communication. Working with crystal fields will improve.

18 Nori Ristillion  Blue
Can bring relaxation of stress, real centeredness and well-being. Invaluable when used as a part of aromatherapy and massage. Relationships improve when inner communication is expressed.

19 Lina Sinlinlon  Pale Blue
Freedom and alignment with Divine Will. ‘Let go and let God’ Can perfectly balance Power and Love.

20 Tori Sommarion  Royal Blue
This essence can help us to overcome all kinds of obstacles and problems by bringing us greater power and self control throughout the being.

21 Vima Tokarion  Indigo
Intuition and clarity of vision. Connection to Universal Consciousness. Increases our mental capacities – excellent for exams or any mental work.

22 Puma Tosaron  Violet
Meditation, opening to spirit, Higher path. Helps to show our true service to the world.

23 Wina Simarion Pale Violet
Angelic healing, meditation, ‘bridge to Angels’

24 Zila Sissilion  purple
Increases artistic crativity in visual art. Sight is strengthened and perception of beauty is stimulated.

25 Yova Tirillion  Lilac
Rebirth, new beginnings, transformation and soul healing can all be manifested with this essence. ‘Angel Love’

26 Vaza Risirion  Magenta
May dissolve problems as we see ourselves through the eyes of Eternity. Facilitates creative visualisation in meditation.

27 Nina Sirion  Silver
For a deep understanding of ‘core’ issues. Unity, cleansing and an elixir of life. This energy is powerful a cleansing any space or any thing, vibrating away toxins. Crystals may be cleansed within 10 seconds.

28 Rainbow Butteflies
This is an essence of pure bliss!  colour boost for heart and emotions with great love. A total’pick me up’ on all levels.