Rescue Set

Ideal for family or work situations. 
Use during difficult times to bring the being back to balance and ease .

The Equilibrium oils in this set are helpful for whatever condition or circumstance we may find ourselves in.

They are energised in a particular way so may be used by multiple users. Ideal for family or work situations.

B0 Royal Blue/Deep Magenta – Spiritual Rescue
If somebody is feeling lost it can help them find their way

B1 Blue / Deep Magenta – Physical Rescue
For all physical needs.

B3 Blue/Green – The Heart Bottle
Supports any circumstance to do with the heart and emotional side of life.

B4 Yellow / Gold – The Sunlight Bottle
Wisdom and joy. 

B11 Clear/Pink – Love Rescue
Self -acceptance and new begging for love.

B20 Blue/Pink – Starchild
To rescue the inner child. – freeing us from the patterns of the past.

B26 Orange/Orange – Shock Bottle/The Humpty Dumpty Bottle
Restoration of the etheric field after unexpected life events have left you feeling unbalanced. Also helpful for animals who may have been involved in accidents or treated unkindly.

B78 Violet/Deep Magenta – Crown Rescue/ The Transition Bottle
Helpful in relation to grief, changing jobs, a break up in a relationship, changes in location and friendship groups etc. Helpful in all forms of transition.

B87 Pale Coral/Pale Cora – Love Wisdom
Healing of unrequited love

B89 Red/Deep Magenta – Energy Rescue
Specific in relation to electric shocks.  Extreme fatigue.

B90 Gold/Deep Magenta – Wisdom Rescue
Will help to rescue the wisdom that lies within.

B100 Clear/Deep Magenta – Archangel Metatron
To help us find what lies within the shadow. Helpful for restoring the distortions on the time line, bringing about more synchronicity.

B102 Deep Olive/ Deep Magenta – Archangel Samael
A new beginning for hope and a new foundation for our lives. To rescue ourselves from the bitterness of the past that is personal, collective and ancestral.

B103 Opalescent Pale Blue/Deep Magenta – Archangel Haniel
To find the light at the end of the tunnel that we may find what our part in the unfolding plan may be, to help us to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

B107 Opalescent Turquoise/Deep Magenta – Archangel Tzaphkiel
Heightened creativity. The marriage of Love and Truth.

B110 Pale Rose Pink/Deep Magenta – Archangel Ambriel
Forgiveness, the rescue of self- acceptance that we may love ourselves again.