Equilibrium Oils are the heart of the Aura-Soma system.
Their vibrant colours will lovingly guide and support you towards well-being and self-awareness.

These dual-coloured bottles are filled with dynamic, living energies –
those of colour, herbal extracts, essential oils, gems and crystals.

To release the bottle’s energies, shake the bottle vigorously and rub the liquid on your skin in a band around the level indicated by the colours. The liquid is absorbed and the energies penetrate and nourish your whole being.

Our choice of 4 bottles is a mirror of who we are at a deep level.
We can discover so much about ourselves and we can use the dynamic living energies of
nature to help us in so many ways……

· Rediscover enthusiasm for life

· Improve relationships

· Learn to truly appreciate ourselves, our inner beauty and talents 

· Feel more confident 

· Greater self awareness

· Reach our full potential

· Bring more love & caring into life

· Rebalancing and revitalizing energy

· Transformation and positive change

· Access the inner being and intuition

· Shed light on & release the constricting patterns of the past.

· Discover new tools to meet life’s challenges

Aura-Soma can offer us opportunities we never believed possible

Mini – Consultation:
Click on a bottle to find out its meaning.