Messengers of God
The mission of the ArchAngeloi could be seen through 
their intention to encourage the development of positive change.
To help each individual to become more conscious of his/her 
personal spiritual growth and his/her relationship with the collective.
For protection and guidance in times of crisis.
Bringing happiness and joy.
To stimulate seeds that have been planted long ago in relation to
the unfoldment of the higher plan that is unfolding upon the earth.
That we may be more aware of our role and destiny in relation
to the earth and Her evolvement.
Those accessing the ArchAngeloi essences participate in an activation
via their Etheric body towards this unfoldment.

ArchAngeloi Essence Michael: Support us in letting go of intense fears and anxieties.

ArchAngeloi Essence Gabriel: Helps us to be true to ourselves

ArchAngeloi Essence Raphael:
 Encourages peace, which promotes a sense of well-being.

ArchAngeloi Essence Uriel:
 Supports the growth towards clarity of intuitive perception

ArchAngeloi Essence Sandalphon: Brings an understanding of the meaning of interdependence and community

ArchAngeloi Essence Tzadkiel: Brings a new perspective in our understanding and experience of love

ArchAngeloi Essence Metatron: Strengthens our potential talents and qualities

ArchAngeloi Essence Jophiel:
 Greater truth harmony and hope for the future. 

Archangel Air Conditioners 

Create sacred space
Invoke the supportive energies of the Archangels.

Archangel Michael – Protection and to allow new direction to come about in the context of peace, hope and trust.
Archangel Gabriel – Helps put our attention in the little things. To be more
centered in everyday life.
Archangel Raphael – Creative communication through fine tuning the sense doors. Stimulate ESP clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.
Archangel Uriel – Moving idealism out of the way to create golden moments. 

Simply spray around any room or space.

Colour Essences
Liquid Light:
These essences carry the vibrations of colour with the energies of  a tree,plants, crystals and a mineral.
A tool for grounding and balancing. 

Red – the energy for living
Coral – the joy of loving
Orange – step into life again
Gold – ancient wisdom
Yellow – let the sunshine in
Olive – feminine leadership
Green – connect with nature
Turquoise – speak your feelings
Blue – trust and faith
Royal Blue – beyond your 5 senses
Violet – change and transformation
Magenta – love in the little things
Pink – love for yourself and others
White – cleansing your aura 
Rainbow – being radiant